About Gnome Terrace

About Kirsten

I welcomed my first Leonberger into my home in 1998 and I have never looked back. I enjoy training my dogs and participating in a variety of activities with them. The Leonberger is a working breed, and as such they enjoy working alongside their owner and are up for trying just about anything. I have titled my dogs in many disciplines including conformation, obedience, rally and draft work. One of my greatest achievements, to date, was earning the first LCA Brace Draft title with Rutger and Dutch.

I have served as President of the Leonberger Club of America and Vice President of the Leonberger Health Foundation International. I do ask that all of my puppy buyers join the Leonberger Club of America, and I will help you with sponsors for your application.

Rutger & Kirsten
Rutger and Abbey

Breeding Philosophy

As a preservation breeder, my goal is to produce high quality Leonbergers that are true to the breed standard, with a focus on temperament and health. I select dogs for my breeding program that are my ideal vision of a Leonberger - harmonious, physically balanced, ready and able to work, and that have the quintessential Leonberger temperament. I work hard to ensure that Leonbergers produced in my breeding program are sound, stable and predictable.


Gnome Terrace puppies aren’t mass-produced. They are, in a sense, custom made, with considerable time and energy being spent studying pedigrees, picking the brains of my mentors, interacting with Leonbergers at shows, learning as much as I can about the history of the breed, and being an active participant in the dog fancy and Leonberger community. I am a proud member of the Leonberger Club of America, which is the AKC parent breed club for the Leonberger.

Every puppy produced at Gnome Terrace is raised not only with love, but they are raised in my home in an enriched environment that promotes emotional stability, an improved ability to learn, and better resiliency to stress.

What You Can Expect

You can expect the following when purchasing a Gnome Terrace puppy:​

  1. regular updates and photos of the puppies

  2. informational articles on health, nutrition, and training to help prepare you and your family for bringing home your puppy

  3. AKC paperwork

  4. vet exam and first set of shots

  5. temperament testing to assist me in determining which puppy is best for you

  6. a puppy who has received early neurological stimulation

  7. a puppy that has been exposed to a variety of people, things, situations (and cats!)

  8. crate exposure and the foundation of house training 

  9. a breeder who will be available to you for the life of your puppy, someone who will answer questions, share in celebrations and discuss concerns